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Our Story


Nilesh Barla

Founder, Metallurgical and Material Engineer

The world has a lot of problems and a few solutions. Humans have always excelled at finding solutions and have been able to sustain human life for ages, we are the species who can definitely find a solution to every problem at exists in the face of the earth. 

Few problems that currently being tackled is in the medical domain-like: image reconstruction, visualization tools for assisting doctors in routine scans of patients,  realistic data generation for study purpose, deciphering medical and biological anomalies et cetera. 

In an age where everything around us is growing fast, we need sophisticated algorithms that have to handle these complex tasks and help doctors to make decisions in the spur of the moment. 

Artificial Intelligence can help us to do that. 

My aim to work in this startup is to build algorithms and to make life sustainable for a longer period of time. Get in touch with medical experts and design algorithms tailored to their needs.

Also, to make everyone aware of the AI revolution that is taking place.

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