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1 / RPA Revolution in the Healthcare Industry During COVID-19 | Springer


Over the last year, the evolution in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been staggering. The automation it brings to applications has yielded efficiency, reduced operating costs, and decreased the time of research, development, and production. Industries have already integrated RPA into their workflow and are profoundly transforming into an intelligent automated industry with minimum human intervention, calling this the fourth industrial revolution. In this race of transformation, the healthcare industry is quite ahead of many other industries. It stood the test of time when COVID-19 was spreading rapidly and was also resilient against all odds. The system did experience an unprecedented crisis that depicted its weakness, fragility, and unpreparedness. The healthcare system was forced to adapt to a new paradigm. And though there was the loss of life and economy, we learned to evolve as a community to tackle this crisis. This chapter sheds light on the role of RPA and covers how these technologies can assist healthcare workers in their day-to-today activities, reviewing what the fourth industrial revolution would look like in the healthcare sector. The intelligent, automated system would provide a seamless experience of gathering information by various means, processing, and assisting healthcare workers to deliver quality treatment.

2 / How to build and improve deep learning models with Protein Sequencing


A less expensive way to explore and learn about protein structures is using artificial intelligence techniques such as deep learning. The premise being that if a large amount of data is fed to a deep learning system then it will be able to find correlations between the different amino acids and learn the primary law that creates these interactions between them

3 / Understanding Representation Learning With Autoencoder
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For many tasks, it is impossible to know what features should be extracted. Alan Turing and his colleagues deciphering the enigma code observed the patterns that were regularly appearing in the messages. This is where the idea of representation learning truly comes into view of the item and includes any relevant details. Click to edit the text.

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